Hi! My name is Maciej Swiety and I am a passionate enthusiast of good design. I draw in various styles, colors, and strokes, and I enjoy playing with colors, techniques, and interpretations. Designing posters related to my passions, such as music, kitesurfing, and soccer, brings me the most pleasure. I have a portfolio that includes both large, international projects and nationwide collaborations, as well as original poster series.

I am also a musician, part of the band with Jacek Brango, a photographer, an avid traveler, surfer, and an ambassador for the Wrocław Hospice for Children.

vocal: Adam Sypuła


I have created official posters for artists such as Skunk Anansie, Sharon van Etten, dozen of polish artists and bands and the biggest music festival Pol’and’Rock Festival.

Since 2020, I have been responsible for the visual identity of the world’s largest guitar event, the Guitar World Record in Wrocław.


vocal: Adam Sypuła


Photography is my passion, and it was partly through photography that the idea of drawing emerged. I often combine photography with drawing, resulting in both photos and illustrations after a session. My primary focus is on portraits and editorials. In my photographs, I aim to capture emotions and portray people in the most natural way possible. Below, you will find portrait photos and photography sessions that have been created over the past few years.



mobile: +48 508 311 733